Natural Intersections

natural1Natural Intersections is a work of art that I have conceived especially for The Kampong. It is based on the travels made by David Fairchild in search of edible, medicinal and ornamental plants, which would be useful for the inhabitants of the United States. These travels had diverse destinations, to different continents, and were conducted at various times of his life. Over 100,000 botanical introductions resulted from these explorations. I want to present in a visual way, the complex network of trajectories that these trips involved and evidentiate the multiplicity of these directions.

Natural-Intersections-detailOrange, pink and green are the chosen colors for the composition. Vinyl and plastic are the materials. Wind and light produce the movement and the sparkle. By using contemporary man-made elements, designed for marking, I wish to point out that many of Fairchild’s horticultural introductions became part of the industrial world. Immersed in the relationship between organic and industrial, this drawing on grass intends to add meanings to this exotic place.

It has been a privilege for me to create this site-specific installation in the same garden of the house he built for his family in 1928. Through my installation, I hope to make the visitors aware of the amazing task this scientist engaged in on behalf of his country.

Patricia Van Dalen, April 2014