“For Now: Contemporary Venezuelan Art of the Miami Diaspora”

Coral Gables Museum
December 2019-March 2020

For Now, Coral Gables Museum


“Estaciones / Stations” are representations of four landscapes through chromatic structures derived from trips that, through relationships of affection, I made to Marnay-sur-Seine (2016), Les Masses (2017), New Mexico (2019) and Iznik (2019 ). These displacements prompted me to develop a new body of work, in which the layers of papers – painted, superimposed, and stapled – assume a chromatic similarity with the different places visited and the staples as a way to hold these “collages” without glue, proclaim the impossibility of the permanent, also demonstrating the mechanical and bureaucratic practice of filling documents to traverse these new territories.

Each piece measures 1 m x 1 m, and their titles are:
(From left to right and up to bottom)
Marnay-sur-Seine Station, Les Masses Station, New Mexico Station, and Iznik Station

Patricia Van Dalen, 2019



“Estaciones / Stations”
Acrylic, hot-pressed 100% cotton paper, stainless steel, and copper staples
40” x 40” (2.00 x 2.00 mt)